Herzl 32

Short Fiction Break

Now and then
Now and Then photo by Esti Alvarez

Herzl 32

They were married in the aftermath of the war years.  Their only photograph from the event captures the moment: she standing tall, upright- a city girl in a wedding dress made from white parachute silk.  Her regal air is softened by her sassy look and the sparkle in her eyes.  He is stooping to lean over her protectively, wearing his characteristic crooked smile. His eyes seem slightly dazed, as if unable to believe his luck at actually catching her.  Henka, his bride.

Sixty years and more they’ve been together.  Bumi watches her, his lost little bird, head and neck hunched into her shoulders as she shuffles around their kitchen hesitantly. The years haven’t been so good to her, but they haven’t been overly kind to him either.  His six foot frame has shrunk into itself, although he still retains his crooked…

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